+ the best burrito bowl you’ll ever eat +

Homemade burrito bowl 🌱🌯🥗 Let me tell you…. THIS IS DELICIOUS, so y’all might want to take some notes & try it for yourself! 😛🌱✨ This meal is perfect for lunch on the go to school or work, dinner, or whenever you feel the urge to go to chipotle… this is probably a lot healthier! Don’t get me wrong, I have an incredible love for chipotle, but sometimes you just need to make a healthier alternative that is more customizable! It’s great because you’ll have left overs if you make a single serving so you can bring it to work or school for lunch the next day! This recipe is super simple to put together… every lazy (but healthy!) vegan’s dream 💭🌱✨ also great for meatless mondays if you aren’t vegan. Let’s get to the fooooood! 


– brown rice

– black beans

– spinach

– shredded green cabbage

– shredded carrots

– shredded brussels sprouts

– avocado

– corn

– olives

– red bell pepper

– jalapeño

– micro greens

– cilantro

– onion powder

– garlic powder

– paprika


1. Cook brown rice. I used the half of one frozen pack from Trader Joe’s and threw it in the microwave (lazy day probs). If you aren’t lazy, cook it over the stove or in a rice cooker! Whatever is easiest for you.

2. Opened a can of organic black beans (also from trader joes), rinse well + drain, and put them in a pot over the stove to heat up. I added a dash of paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cilantro, a little bit of red bell pep & jalapeño. Use whatever veggies and spices you like to mix in with your beans, this is just what I had! I wanted to chop up some red onion but I forgot to pick on up at the store.. that’d be yummy here if you wanted to add that in.

3. Assemble! My favorite part! Make it pretty & enjoy that shit. Eating pretty food is my favorite thing because it makes me feel good! And it’s creative 🙂 This was soooo delicious, I will definitely make this again! So yum!

Feel free to swap anything out for food that you love! I just thought this combo would be good, but it actually turned out great! Sooooo great. YES🌱🙌🏻🌯🥗✨ my tummy is super happy tonight! 💪🏻

Thanks for checking out the best burrito bowl recipe you’ll ever eat here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive, & love yourself unconditionally.


+ What I Ate Today // Vegan +

To start off my morning, I went to my favorite coffee shop called to get my absolute favorite jasmine tea. This morning I got the jasmine tea and headed back home to make myself a “good morning bagel.” A good morning bagel is the most delicious combination ever and I usually just get it as a treat, but today I went ahead and made it for breakfast! The coffee shop has it on their menu so I basically just recreated it at home. I started out by toasting my bagel, cutting the avocado, and cutting the cucumber and tomatoes. After the bagel is a nice toasty brown, I spread the avocado on top and place the cucumber and tomato slices on top of that. Salt and pepper to finish, and there ya have it!

A little bit later, I had a fruity smoothie and did some work. I blended up a fresh banana, frozen peaches, frozen mixed berries, and a splash of almond milk. I mixed in some chia seeds and hemp seeds for an extra boost!

Okay so this was a nice little left over I had from the weekend that tasted just as good when I originally had it. Avocado green curry, you have my heart! This dish is sooooo yum. There was veggies on veggies on veggies packed in there! I ate most of the avocado the first time around, but there was bell peppers, eggplant, greens, and spices! I just had a little scoop of rice on the side to help ease the spicy flavors! It was so delicious! There wasn’t too much left, but it was a really great lunch in combination with the smoothie from earlier 🙂

Dinner time! I used the rest of the rice I had from lunch, made some gardein mandarin orange chick’n (out of pure laziness and time), with peas. Simple, easy, yum.

My day off was well spent with food and creating! Thanks for reading today’s post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive, and love yourself unconditionally!


+ Achieving Your Goals +

Who set some goals and resolutions this new year? I know I did! Setting *heathy, attainable* goals is an awesome way to materialize your dreams, wants, and desires into your reality. For me, I love to make vision boards, make lists, reflect in my journal, and constantly remind myself of what I want in my life. They don’t have to be concrete, they can change as you do.

Vision Boards

A vision board is any type of series of images of anything you want in life, big or small. How: You can make one digitally on a Pinterest board or physically by printing out images or cutting them out of magazines and pasting them on the board. Anything goes, as long as you put what you want on it. Why: By looking at your vision board daily, you are reminding yourself of the things you want. Visualization is a very powerful method of attaining what your heart desires. By visualizing you using whatever it is you want, you’re planting a seed deeper in your brain and putting those thoughts into the universe. As long as you set intentions and really focus in on what you want, some way or another, you WILL receive it. If you never ask, the answer is always no. So if you ask the universe for what you want, there’s nothing to lose.. just try it and see for yourself 🙂

Make Lists

I’m a list maker. I’m obsessed with making lists about everything. Making a list of your goals is a great way to see all of them at a glance. I put mine in my bullet journal and flip back to that page often to remember what I want for this year! Simple, easy, to the point, but it works!


I started journaling this past week and I have found it to be super helpful. Not only helpful with goal setting, but with reflecting on my current progress of getting to where I want to be. I was inspired to actually start writing from a girl I found on YouTube, named Hitomi Mochizuki. She made a video about her journal and read one of her passages, from then on I knew I had to at least try it out. She said she always starts every entry with, “Dear Universe,” because within each of us is the universe. I loved the idea and started my own journal. So far, its been very therapeutic and sometimes I’ll even write in it multiple times a day. Track your progress and organize your thoughts through reflecting in your journal and you will be on your way to achieving your goals.

Breaking Goals Down

For my diving deeper into achieving my goals, I split mine into a few sections (personal, school, business, art) and list each goal under a different category. From there, I break down each goal with smaller tasks to get me where I want to be. For example, I’ll share with you a fun goal of mine. Under my personal category, one of my goals listed is to get more tattoos to make a half sleeve on my arm in 2017. How can I break this goal down into smaller tasks that will help me check this off my list? Task one: think of a concept or idea for a couple tattoos to fill up half of my arm. Task two: find an artist who has a style I like. Task three: make a rough design to bring to the artist. Task four: Make a consultation and an appointment. Task five: get the first tattoo. Task six: repeat until arm is tattooed in a half sleeve. So in six bullet points under my tattoo goal, I will have my goal completed. I know it’s kind of a funny example, but I do want to decorate my skin with art I enjoy and represents who I am. You can apply this strategy to anything really, just divide your goals into categories and break down each one. Good to go.

As for an update with my goals, yesterday was my first day at university! I finally made it and transferred from community college with an associates degree in graphic design. I never thought I’d be able to stick with school for this long, let alone get into any university. I used question my ability to succeed in school because I grew up being a “terrible” student. I failed classes, barely passed, and had to retake a handful of them, too. Two years ago, after facing adversity within myself, something switched deep inside my mind of thoughts and I looked at college differently. I went back to school with a new outlook and desire to pass my classes, which led me to actually start learning interesting, important, and useful skills. Once I did that, everything changed for me. I met the love of my life who I’m engaged to now, I started thinking more positively, I started eating better, and I noticed that I enjoy learning new subjects. Having a broad or general understanding of something that you knew nothing about before is so uplifting and humbling and I’m glad I stuck with it. You can seriously do anything, the universe is within you and won’t give up on you, so don’t turn your back on its energy.

I just wanted to write this out to inspire someone who feels lost with their goals and tell them it’s okay to not know how to get to your goals. Sit down and meditate on it. What is it that you really want? Make it a goal and go after it! There is no better feeling than accomplishing something you want, so just do it.

Tell me what your new years goals and dreams are in the comments! I’m so curious to see what other people want in their lives. How are you directing your path successfully to get to achieving your goals?

Thanks for stopping by today’s goal themed post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive, & love yourself unconditionally. Tune into the energies of the universe within you, take action to making your dreams a reality, and do what makes you happy 🙂 Hope you all are having a kick ass start to 2017, I know I am.


+ What I Ate Today at University : Vegan College Student +

The night before my first day, I made a delicious lunch to bring along with me to university. After getting completely lost on campus (a couple times), I finally found a nice little sunny spot to eat my lunch in between classes. I sat outside to get some sunshine in the cold weather.. I felt like the chill kept me alert and ready to continue the rest of the day and the sun felt amazing! I popped in my headphones, turned The Brain Candy Podcast on, and ate away! It was a hectic day to say the least, but I’m so glad I prepared a healthy breakfast and lunch for my long day at university.

First, I started off with my absolute favorite Numi jasmine green tea! My coffee tumblr holds two whole cups (*insert emoji with hands palms together here*), which I needed. I have to get up super early and commute to school, so to say the least, this tea IS A LIFE SAVER. Moving along..


On the go, I had this delicious sprouted wheat bagel (from Trader Joe’s), with avocado, persian cucumbers, mini pearl grape tomatoes, pink himalayan salt, and pepper. I made a huge mistake pre-tea and thought, “Oh I can just eat this in the car, NBD.” LITTLE did I know, my tomatoes from one bagel were all over the seat and avocado was all over my black jeans. It was still darkish out while I was driving in the morning, so I had no idea what kind of mess I had made, haha. Bad idea, good bagel though!


Ah, finally. It’s lunch time. I had made a HUGE, and I mean huge amount of this meal the night before so I could take some everyday I had school this week. Its something I know I don’t get sick of and that keeps well in my little lunch pale (so geeky, I know). This ramen salad is PACKED with all the goods.. seriously! It has: soba noodles, zucchini “noodles,” cabbage, red bell pepper, cucumber, spinach, shredded carrots, mushrooms, edamame, cilantro, green onion, sesame seeds, and a sauce I really like to make for this sorta meal, which has: soy sauce, rice vinegar, agave, lime, LOTS of sriracha (I’m obsessed), and a teeny tiny lil drop of olive oil. Along side this, I drank a gingerade kombucha and some fruit from whole foods. 🙂



I hope you got some inspirations for packing your breakfast, lunch, or even dinner when going to school, work, or anywhere on the go. I LOVE to prepare my food healthy, fresh, and delicious. On my first day at a new school, I needed something comforting and uplifting, so I went with foods I know I love. Bringing a healthy lunch only takes a couple of extra steps to go out of your way to prepare. If you’re used to buying out all the time or want to make a healthier lunch, try bringing one really healthy meal a week to start off with and go from there. So easy and rewarding all in trade for a few extra minutes of cooking or preparing.

What are your favorite healthy meals to bring with you when you’re on the go? Comment below and we can all swap ideas 🙂

Thanks for reading my What I Ate Today post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive, & love yourself unconditionally.


+ food i’ve been loving +

Lately, I’ve been enjoying making a lot of simple, easy, and healthy dishes. I love using a variety of veggies and sauces. For the past week or so, I’ve been trying to incorporate more raw recipes and dishes into my day-to-day and its working out great! Raw meals are the easiest to prepare and assemble!

Here are some of my favorites!



Number one: Raw Vegan Salad Bowl


Massaged lacinto kale (with lemon, olive oil, & garlic. Massage for about five minutes)

Zucchini noodles

Cauliflower rice

Persian cucumber


Petite peas

Red onion

Shredded carrots

So easy to make as long as you massage the kale first and let it sit in the dressing whilst you prepare your other veggies! These ingredients are very interchangeable and can be switched out with whatever you prefer or have in your fridge! Or you can even pair with with rice or potatoes or something cooked! Assemble & ENJOY!



Number two: Raw Vegan Sushi with Marinated Shiitake Mushrooms

I always love making veg sushi, raw or with rice! If you make it raw, you can use many different substitutes for the rice, too! Use whatever veggies you love for the inside to make it extra delicious. Tip* Be sure to marinate the mushrooms first!


Nori sheets

Marinated shiitake mushrooms (with soy sauce, jalapeño, green onion, & sesame seeds. Tip* use left over sauce for dipping!)

Cauliflower “rice” (throw it in the food processor to make small rice-sized pieces. I used a small bit of tahini, rice vinegar, & hemp seeds to help hold together & it worked out well!)

Persian cucumber

Shredded carrots

Red bell pepper

Green cabbage

Wrap those veggies up and call it raw vegan sushi 🙂


Number three: Vegan Breakfast Burrito


Red potatoes (pan fried with a little olive oil & red onion)




Black beans (cumin, onion powder, & chili powder)

Avocado (green cabbage, lime, & jalapeño)

Right when I tried this, it IMMEDIATELY became a favorite of mine. Theres just something about potatoes wrapped in a tortilla for me! DELICIOUS. Seriously. I had this for dinner one night and I can’t wait to make it again!


Number four: Vegan Rice “Chiken” Bowl


Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tenders (SO GOOD)

Mixed baby greens

Petite peas

Persian cucumbers

Jasmine Rice

This bowl is soon easy to make especially if you live around a Trader Joe’s because thats where I got all of these ingredients! Sometimes, you are too lazy to make some extravagant dinner, but still want something nutritious and yummy. Trader Joe’s has your back. They have an amazing selection of freezer stuff you can throw together pretty quickly. LOVE them.



If you want to see more of my food photos, head to my instagram! @plantbasedchels

Hope you all are having a great veggie-filled week! I’d love to see your favorite recipes you’ve been loving recently, comment yours below! Thank you so much for reading today’s vegan post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive & love yourself!


+ Vegan Bento Lunch Ideas: Sushi Burrito +

I’m a college student and tomorrow is my long day at school with a break. I wanted to show you guys a vegan lunch idea to take to school or work or whatever! So I have this cute little container set that attaches together and makes it super easy to take somewhere. Here’s what I came up with:

So I made vegan sushi for dinner tonight and made an extra to take with me tomorrow. I put edamame in one of the two smallest containers and snap peas with tomatoes in the medium size.

Here is what’s in the sushi burrito:

+ sushi rice

+ Persian cucumber

+ avocado

* shredded carrots

YUM. It was so delicious! Super easy to make and pretty too!

I hope you got some inspiration for packing your next lunch for work or school or even your kiddos lunch! Thank you so much for reading today’s vegan post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive & love yourself!


+ Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl | Vegan


Today I made the most beautiful smoothie bowl! It’s hot pink and tastes amazing. Pitaya is a favorite of mine and I’m so happy it’s more available this year where I live. I’ve been obsessed with making these bowls and I hope I can inspire you to make one too! ✨

Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl

Makes 1 large serving or can be split into 2 servings.


+ 3/4 cup frozen organic strawberries

+ 2 frozen bananas (I freeze mine in small chunks so it blends easier)

+ 3/4 cup frozen pitaya (save a couple pieces for topping)

+ 1/2 cup almond milk (or favorite vegan milk alternative soy, hemp, whatever)

+ 1 tbsp buckwheat

+ pinch of toasted coconut flakes


+ blend frozen bananas, strawberries, pitaya, and almond milk.

+ place blended smoothie into bowl and top with your favorite toppings! I topped mine with pitaya, coconut, and buckwheat!

Hope you got some last minute smoothie bowl ideas for what’s left of the hot summer time 🙂 Thank you for reading today’s post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive & LOVE yourself. 

Until next time,