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+ How To: Meal Plan | Vegetarian Style +

Hey Internet friends 🙂 This coming week will be really busy at my house with my first week of school, an interview, and my boyfriend going on-call at work for the week. With so much happening, it’s really hard to choose something to cook, get the groceries, and cook a meal all in one day. The way I meal plan is simple, easy, and to the point. At home, I eat a vegetarian diet, so it’s really easy for me to use the same foods throughout the week and make completely different meals out of them! This week, I wanted to share my process of how I meal plan!

Here’s what I use and start out with:

meal planning 2

So, of course I found this amazing note pad at Target by the brand Sugar Paper. They make really cute stuff- the best! This pad is perfect for meal planning because of how it’s set up. As you can see, the left side is lined, while the right side is a horizontal style weekly planner. This works so well because the lined side can be used for your grocery list while the days are used for what you will actually be eating that day.


In this photo, I filled out my week as well as my grocery list. I clearly write out in big letters what I’ll be eating each day and then I write down every ingredient I will be using for that meal, even if I have it at home already. I create my grocery list out of all the ingredients I need for the week so it is clear, easy to read, and simple. I use the line of the very left as a guide for how many of the food item I need. It works out so well for me, I had to share this!

Meal Plan 1

Next, is my favorite part! This is so awesome because now, you can cut right down the line that separates the two sides and take the list to the grocery store with you! I will usually just leave the daily side on the fridge or even on the counter sometimes so I know what I’m eating that day. Whoever designed this pad is a genius! It comes with well over the amount of the number of weeks in a year so you can even use it for regular planning or fitness planning, too!

I love grocery shopping, I know it’s not a very popular opinion, but I just love it! Something about it makes me happy, relaxed, and excited to eat!

Thanks for reading today’s meal planning post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to think positive & love yourself!



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