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+ Vegan Grocery Haul! Trader Joe’s and Safeway +

Hello fellow earthlings! How are you guys? Sooooo, I’ve been hungover literally ALL day. A friend came to visit from out of town and we definitely had a good time going out, dancing our asses off, and catching up. On the flip side, I was lazy all day with a terrible headache. Totally sucks!! Definitely going to do more lighter drinking from now on! ….Anyways, you know what makes me feel better?! Getting my ass up and going to the grocery store. I’m obsessed with grocery shopping! Obsessed. I go really often, everyday to every other day, depending on leftovers and what I have left from the last haul. Grocery shopping is so calming to me! I love organizing my list, looking up new recipes, and learning how to cook new things. I don’t know if that makes me crazy, actually liking the grocery store that often, but I love it! I can’t be the only one out there who loves it! How do you guys feel about going? I’d love to know in the comments 🙂

Here’s what I got from Trader Joe’s:

Vanilla almond milk – $2.19

Fiber o’s cereal – $2.99

Can of garbanzo beans – 79¢

Organic jasmine rice (3 pack) – $3.49

Simmer curry sauce – $2.49

Petite frozen peas – $1.29

Naan – $3.49

5 bananas – 95¢

Total : $17.68

What I got from Raley’s:

Tostito’s scoops

Organic medium salsa

Heirloom tomato

White onion


Thin crackers


Sweet potato



(I forgot that we threw the receipt away before I could write down prices of anything-oops!)

I love grocery shopping. If you don’t enjoy it, try to find something you can like about it 🙂 find new ingredients or recipes with food you haven’t tried before! Always try new things!

Thanks for reading today’s post of my grocery haul! I love being nosy and peeking at what people buy! Always remember to bunk positive and love yourself.


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