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+ Vegan What I Eat In A Day +

Hey Internet earthlings 🙂

So for breakfast this morning, I’m having Organic High Fiber O’s cereal from trader joes with a banana and almond milk.

My boyfriend bought me a green iced tea from Starbucks so I thought I’d throw it in here too!

For lunch, I just heated up my left over jasmine rice and peas, along with my curry garbanzo beans. Added raw broccoli on top and boom. How to do leftovers. This dish is sooooo goood! I’m glad I had a bowl of left overs I could eat for lunch today!

Next up, Synergy Trilogy! Love. These are so delicious and good for you! Favorite organic kombucha.

Okay so for a refreshing little snack, I got non-dairy fro-yo. It’s pomegranate raspberry with chopped almonds and coconut shreds.

So I have major snacky vibes today. I went for some chips and salsa we just got yesterday. I love this salsa. Usually it’s a lot hotter/spicier but this container just wasn’t at all. Maybe they forgot to add peppers to this one. It’s still really good!

For dinner, I just baked a sweet potato and ate some raw cauliflower. I was feeling more snacky still so I just put them in bite sized pieces 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my what I eat in a day as a vegan. Keep in mind that I’m no health expert and that I eat different things everyday. 

Thanks for reading today’s post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to think positive and love yourself!


4 thoughts on “+ Vegan What I Eat In A Day +”

    1. I don’t think it is at all. Veggies and grains are so cheap. If you think about it, meat is pretty expensive for what it is. So is dairy, eggs, fish, poultry, etc. If you are looking to be vegan on a budget, it can totally be done 🙂

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