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+ Vegan Update | Should YOU Go Vegan? +

It’s been two full months on May 12, 2016 that I decided to go vegan and I am loving it. Best decision I’ve ever made in my (almost) 23 years of living. I’ve gotten so much out of this lifestyle so far and I plan to keep going. Two months isn’t long at all and it hasn’t seemed very long, but I am so happy and proud of myself for doing this, finding this  extremely rewarding lifestyle. Some people think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. I’m doing what I think is right for the animals and healthy for my body.

How I Feel:

I feel fucking fantastic. Living. Free. Liberated. I’ve made a positive change in my life and I know it’s showing. My body, my feelings, my digestion, everything feels amazing. Being vegan “is the least we can do,” as ThatVeganCouple (from YouTube) would say. I used to never connect where my food was actually coming from and I like knowing that the food I put into my body is good, healthy, natural, and not that of another being. I feel like I’m doing the right thing.


I’ve lost a couple pounds just changing my diet. Now that I’ve supplied my body with enough energy and health, I feel good enough to start exercising again! I can go on runs and not stop the whole way. I can work out my body and know that I’m doing something good for myself. I drink water, I eat my fruits and veggies, and it truly impacts my life in the best way possible. I feel more connected with nature and like to be outside.


Not everyone will be accepting of your transition into veganism. I think my parents didn’t like it at the beginning and the reason I say that is because I got all preachy about it. I couldn’t help but say something about it! They are my loved ones and I know they are smart, compassionate, loving beings who love animals. But, they just didn’t want to hear me patronize them. At first, it was hard for me to keep it in, but now I just try not to bring it up like I used to. Instead, I approach it more calm and give them one fact here and there for them to ponder overtime I see them, whether it’s about ingredients, factory farms, or how much water they could be saving. I am always thinking about it and want to tell as many people as I can, but sometimes it gets hard. My boyfriend is a meat eater and at first, since we live together, it was a little rocky when I went vegan. I wanted to tell my boyfriend the same things I wanted to tell my family and he had the same reaction. As for my friends, I don’t have any vegan friends, but I do tell them about it only if they ask or show to be open to learning about it. I’m only two months in, so maybe it will get a little easier.

Common Misconceptions People Assume:

“So, like…..Do you eat grass?”

“Where do you even get protein?”

“What do you, like, eat?”

Yeah. These things will not stop. Once some people know you’re vegan, they will ask you stupid questions like these. All of these came from some classmates of mine at school and sometimes I have to bite my tongue, take a breath, and then answer their question!

Beauty Products / Leather Goods:

I plan to use up what I have product wise and will not repurchase any products (hair, makeup, body/face wash, etc.) that aren’t vegan/cruelty-free. Same goes for leather goods I have. Even though, I find myself not gravitating toward even wearing leather most of the time because I don’t want to be a walking contradiction. I don’t want to promote the opposite thoughts that I have.

What I’ve Learned:

It’s okay if you mess up. Just learn from it and move on. If you accidentally buy something that isn’t vegan, return it. If you ate something that wasn’t vegan and didn’t know until after, make sure to check next time. Always come prepared and carry a vegan meal bar in your bag, pocket, car, where ever so you don’t go hungry if nothing there is within your lifestyle. Don’t preach veganism to people who don’t want to hear it, let them come to you when they have questions and from there you can educate them. Don’t get mad and be patient…Majority of people are coming from the very same place you did before you transitioned. Educate people who want to learn!! And finally, be a shining, healthy example to everyone you know and meet. Be the vegan you wish you had when you started.

What To Do If YOU Want To Be A Vegan:

Start off small and do your research. Maybe just cut out red meat, then all meat, then dairy, and then leather. Watch documentaries, follow vegans you can look up to on social medias like YouTube and Instagram, read articles, blogs, and books. Make yummy meals. If you don’t know how to cook, eat raw or learn to cook! Pinterest has so many good recipes and people also post recipes on YouTube so you can see exactly what they’re doing. Don’t be held back, if you want to go vegan, then go vegan. If you still live at home with your parents and want to go vegan, eat everything else they make beside the meat and dairy–Or make it yourself! Most families have fruits, veggies, grains, and beans available in the house.

Being vegan will lower your grocery bill, make you feel the best you ever will, and save the planet.

Thank you so much for reading my vegan update post here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat yo veggies, think positive, and love yourself!


6 thoughts on “+ Vegan Update | Should YOU Go Vegan? +”

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad we have the same sort of ideas and thoughts about it! I feel amazing and know that I’m doing something good for not only myself, but the world, animals, and others! Even if it’s just inspiring someone to go vegan or look into it. Hope you have a good week!


      1. Its such a great feeling connecting with more people on this lifestyle as the majority have much more to say in terms of turning down the lifestyle. Really appreciate the positivity 🙂 have a great week as well


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