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+ Vegan: What I Eat in a Day +

Here’s what I ate today as a vegan! Usually I stick to fruit only in the morning to the afternoon, but today I was feeling hashbrowns and a dressed up bagel with a whole bunch of goodies on top!

Before my three hour class in the morning, I made some hash browns and totally forgot to snap a photo this morning (this was before I had the green tea!), but just know that they were amazing 🙂

After class, I toasted my bagel and in the mean time…… start to cut your veggies and smash up some avocado! I always add garlic powder and onion powder to my avocado because I am obsessed with those flavors right now. Here’s how I made my pickled onions, they are super easy and SOO delicious! My friend gave me the recipe! Then, I added a little salt and pepper along with chia seeds on top.

Alright, on to lunch time… I definitely wanted some fruit since I didn’t have an abundant amount this morning, so I blended up an acai pack, 1.5 frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, PB2 powder, and almond milk. On top I put buckwheat groats for some crunch, a whole fresh banana, and cocao nibs! Delicious.

I made some cucumber water to take with me while I go hang out with friends for a little, it’s so yummy! Especially on a HOT day! Plus, I used this cute glass from GT’s kombucha 🙂

And dinner was a burrito from a local taqueria! I had rice, black beans, guac, salsa, and potatoes! I didn’t take a picture because it was just wrapped in foil… Not anything speacial.. Plus I was too excited to eat it and before I knew it, there wasn’t a burrito left to take a photo of! Haha. I also had some chips. Everything was delicious!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post here at healthy&handmade! Remember to eat yo veggies, think positive, and love yourself!


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