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+ the best burrito bowl you’ll ever eat +

Homemade burrito bowl 🌱🌯🥗 Let me tell you…. THIS IS DELICIOUS, so y’all might want to take some notes & try it for yourself! 😛🌱✨ This meal is perfect for lunch on the go to school or work, dinner, or whenever you feel the urge to go to chipotle… this is probably a lot healthier! Don’t get me wrong, I have an incredible love for chipotle, but sometimes you just need to make a healthier alternative that is more customizable! It’s great because you’ll have left overs if you make a single serving so you can bring it to work or school for lunch the next day! This recipe is super simple to put together… every lazy (but healthy!) vegan’s dream 💭🌱✨ also great for meatless mondays if you aren’t vegan. Let’s get to the fooooood! 


– brown rice

– black beans

– spinach

– shredded green cabbage

– shredded carrots

– shredded brussels sprouts

– avocado

– corn

– olives

– red bell pepper

– jalapeño

– micro greens

– cilantro

– onion powder

– garlic powder

– paprika


1. Cook brown rice. I used the half of one frozen pack from Trader Joe’s and threw it in the microwave (lazy day probs). If you aren’t lazy, cook it over the stove or in a rice cooker! Whatever is easiest for you.

2. Opened a can of organic black beans (also from trader joes), rinse well + drain, and put them in a pot over the stove to heat up. I added a dash of paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cilantro, a little bit of red bell pep & jalapeño. Use whatever veggies and spices you like to mix in with your beans, this is just what I had! I wanted to chop up some red onion but I forgot to pick on up at the store.. that’d be yummy here if you wanted to add that in.

3. Assemble! My favorite part! Make it pretty & enjoy that shit. Eating pretty food is my favorite thing because it makes me feel good! And it’s creative 🙂 This was soooo delicious, I will definitely make this again! So yum!

Feel free to swap anything out for food that you love! I just thought this combo would be good, but it actually turned out great! Sooooo great. YES🌱🙌🏻🌯🥗✨ my tummy is super happy tonight! 💪🏻

Thanks for checking out the best burrito bowl recipe you’ll ever eat here at healthy&handmade! Always remember to eat your veggies, think positive, & love yourself unconditionally.


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