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+ What I Ate Today // Vegan +

To start off my morning, I went to my favorite coffee shop called to get my absolute favorite jasmine tea. This morning I got the jasmine tea and headed back home to make myself a "good morning bagel." A good morning bagel is the most delicious combination ever and I usually just get it as a… Continue reading + What I Ate Today // Vegan +

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+ What I Ate Today at University : Vegan College Student +

The night before my first day, I made a delicious lunch to bring along with me to university. After getting completely lost on campus (a couple times), I finally found a nice little sunny spot to eat my lunch in between classes. I sat outside to get some sunshine in the cold weather.. I felt like… Continue reading + What I Ate Today at University : Vegan College Student +

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+ Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl | Vegan

🌴✨🌴✨🌴✨ Today I made the most beautiful smoothie bowl! It's hot pink and tastes amazing. Pitaya is a favorite of mine and I'm so happy it's more available this year where I live. I've been obsessed with making these bowls and I hope I can inspire you to make one too! ✨ Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl… Continue reading + Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl | Vegan

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+ Vegan Update +

So it's been just about three weeks since I've attempted to obtain a plant based vegan diet and I feel great! Really cutting out all of the dairy and the minimal animal products I was eating is surprisingly a lot easier than I expected. I've been eating a lot of fruits and veggies, rice, lentils,… Continue reading + Vegan Update +

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+ Seasonal Life Lesson +

As the leaves get rich in color this fall, we can take away some important lessons when the seasons begin to change. Just like anyone else, I carry lifeless feelings, situations, and people in my heart that I don't have any further use for. I always try to be present and live in the moment, but… Continue reading + Seasonal Life Lesson +

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+ How To Get Back Into Meditation Practice | 5 Tips +

Are you finding it hard to make a schedule or a designated time for your meditation practices if you've been out of it for a while? Lately, I have been putting it on the back burner because I'm so busy with my homework and school and that's when I find a way to make that… Continue reading + How To Get Back Into Meditation Practice | 5 Tips +