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Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup +

It's definitely 107 degrees out today, but I found this recipe and I had to make it! Slaving away over the stove seems terrible in this smoldering heat, but it wasn't that bad because it doesn't take very long! It is honestly SO worth the heat if you ask me! I found it on… Continue reading Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup +

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+ What I Ate Today at University : Vegan College Student +

The night before my first day, I made a delicious lunch to bring along with me to university. After getting completely lost on campus (a couple times), I finally found a nice little sunny spot to eat my lunch in between classes. I sat outside to get some sunshine in the cold weather.. I felt like… Continue reading + What I Ate Today at University : Vegan College Student +

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+ Seasonal Life Lesson +

As the leaves get rich in color this fall, we can take away some important lessons when the seasons begin to change. Just like anyone else, I carry lifeless feelings, situations, and people in my heart that I don't have any further use for. I always try to be present and live in the moment, but… Continue reading + Seasonal Life Lesson +