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+ the best burrito bowl you’ll ever eat +

Homemade burrito bowl 🌱🌯🥗 Let me tell you.... THIS IS DELICIOUS, so y'all might want to take some notes & try it for yourself! 😛🌱✨ This meal is perfect for lunch on the go to school or work, dinner, or whenever you feel the urge to go to chipotle... this is probably a lot healthier!… Continue reading + the best burrito bowl you’ll ever eat +

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+ Vegan: What I Eat in a Day +

Here's what I ate today as a vegan! Usually I stick to fruit only in the morning to the afternoon, but today I was feeling hashbrowns and a dressed up bagel with a whole bunch of goodies on top! Before my three hour class in the morning, I made some hash browns and totally forgot… Continue reading + Vegan: What I Eat in a Day +

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+ Vegan Dinner +

Just wanted to post this quick dinner I made last night! I used left over farro, pickled onions, and greens from the last night and added these chicken-less mandarin orange morsels from Trader Joe's on top along with sriracha. And let me tell you, this shit was bomb! It's a must try and I hate… Continue reading + Vegan Dinner +

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+ Vegan Update | Should YOU Go Vegan? +

It's been two full months on May 12, 2016 that I decided to go vegan and I am loving it. Best decision I've ever made in my (almost) 23 years of living. I've gotten so much out of this lifestyle so far and I plan to keep going. Two months isn't long at all and it… Continue reading + Vegan Update | Should YOU Go Vegan? +

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Hello hello 🙂 So... Today I discovered/made for the first time banana nice cream! Hell yes. It's a thing and it's fucking delicious. I have always been obsessed with acai bowls since they were on the radar, but now.... Banana ice cream obsession has been unlocked! This is soooo good! Banana nice cream is called… Continue reading + VEGAN BANANA NICE CREAM +

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+ Vegan What I Eat In A Day +

Hey Internet earthlings 🙂 So for breakfast this morning, I'm having Organic High Fiber O's cereal from trader joes with a banana and almond milk. My boyfriend bought me a green iced tea from Starbucks so I thought I'd throw it in here too! For lunch, I just heated up my left over jasmine rice… Continue reading + Vegan What I Eat In A Day +

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+ Vegan Indian Inspired Dinner Idea +

Hey internet earthlings! From my grocery haul (in my last post) I gathered all of my ingredients and started prep. I usually don't use this much ingredients but I really enjoyed making it and it tasted delicious! So what I have pictured below is everything I used (I just didn't use the pepper, or garlic… Continue reading + Vegan Indian Inspired Dinner Idea +