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+ vegan : what I eat in a day +

Breakfast: 4 frozen bananas blended with almond milk, topped with raw buckwheat groats and cocao nibs. Green ice tea and water! Snack: My favorite chips and salsa! Casa Sanchez medium and Tostitos scoops. Lunch: 2 Avocado, cucumber, and lemon rolls. My dad got them for me!  🙂 I like to put the wasabi straight on the… Continue reading + vegan : what I eat in a day +

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+ Vegan Dinner +

Just wanted to post this quick dinner I made last night! I used left over farro, pickled onions, and greens from the last night and added these chicken-less mandarin orange morsels from Trader Joe's on top along with sriracha. And let me tell you, this shit was bomb! It's a must try and I hate… Continue reading + Vegan Dinner +

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+ vegan bbq 4th of July dinner +

Hey guys! Sooooo in honor of 4th of July, I made a summer bbq salad! Packed full of nutrients and love! Here's what I came up with: First, I "pickled" the onions and used a recipe my friend Mekayla gave me! She told me to combine 1 cup warm water, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar,… Continue reading + vegan bbq 4th of July dinner +

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+ Vegan Indian Inspired Dinner Idea +

Hey internet earthlings! From my grocery haul (in my last post) I gathered all of my ingredients and started prep. I usually don't use this much ingredients but I really enjoyed making it and it tasted delicious! So what I have pictured below is everything I used (I just didn't use the pepper, or garlic… Continue reading + Vegan Indian Inspired Dinner Idea +