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Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup +

It's definitely 107 degrees out today, but I found this recipe and I had to make it! Slaving away over the stove seems terrible in this smoldering heat, but it wasn't that bad because it doesn't take very long! It is honestly SO worth the heat if you ask me! I found it on… Continue reading Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup +

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+ Vegan Bento Lunch Ideas: Sushi Burrito +

I'm a college student and tomorrow is my long day at school with a break. I wanted to show you guys a vegan lunch idea to take to school or work or whatever! So I have this cute little container set that attaches together and makes it super easy to take somewhere. Here's what I… Continue reading + Vegan Bento Lunch Ideas: Sushi Burrito +

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+ Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl | Vegan

🌴✨🌴✨🌴✨ Today I made the most beautiful smoothie bowl! It's hot pink and tastes amazing. Pitaya is a favorite of mine and I'm so happy it's more available this year where I live. I've been obsessed with making these bowls and I hope I can inspire you to make one too! ✨ Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl… Continue reading + Paradise Pink Pitaya Bowl | Vegan